Donate Your Books

It’s nice to think of others having a chance to read the books that you’ve enjoyed. If you’d like to share the books you’ve outgrown, you could call your public library, or shelters for homeless families, or children’s hospitals in your community and ask if they accept donations of children’s books.

Here are some organizations that accept both children’s book donations and requests from institutions in need of books. The information below is taken from their websites.

Books for International Goodwill

B.I.G. is the provider-of-choice in the Annapolis, MD area for: receiving books being discarded by current owners; identifying requirements for books by groups both domestic and international which have limited resources for acquiring books; sorting and building shipments based on requirements; shipping to needy groups for delivery to end users, and conducting book sales to provide revenue to meet expenses as well as putting books in the hands of new users on an individual basis.

Darien Book Aid Plan

Book Aid sends books in response to specific requests from Peace Corps volunteers, libraries and schools all over the world. Books are also donated to libraries, prisons, hospitals, and Native American and Appalachian groups in the United States.

International Book Project

Promotes literacy, education, and global friendships by sending over 200,000 books annually to schools, libraries, churches, community organizations, and Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the developing world and in the United States.

Reader to Reader Inc.

Reader to Reader has donated over 5,000,000 books to support the literacy and library needs of over 600 schools, libraries, shelters and other community groups across the United States. They provide books for all age levels and interests, and books on CD.

Project Cicero

Donates books to school and classroom libraries in under-resourced New York City public schools.